Miva HeLp! E-commerce for the rest of us.
E-commerce for the rest of us. 

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  • help@MivaHeLp.com
    This is for general questions or suggestions. (Click here to use our submission form.)

  • articles@MivaHeLp.com
    Send us your articles related to e-commerce.  All published articles will include your name and a link to your e-mail address AND your business or website (if you wish).  You retain full copyright to articles you submit.  Please note: by submitting your article for review, you give us the unconditional right to publish it. (Click here to use our submission form.)

  • marketing@MivaHelp.com
    Use this address if you would like us to consider your business as a potential sponsor.  Please note: we do not advertise businesses unless we are comfortable recommending them to our customers so please be prepared for a considerable lead time before we can approve your sponsorship.

  • bookreview@MivaHelp.com
    Send us your reviews/recommendations on books related to online business.   These can include anything that will help with an e-commerce site from legal and marketing, to search engine placement, and of course Miva Merchant. (Click here to use our submission form.)

  • sitereview@MivaHeLp.com
    Use this address to request a review of your website or to be included in the reviewer's group.  Please note: by requesting a review you automatically allow us to publish the review on Miva HeLp.

  • modreview@MivaHeLp.com
    E-mail us if you would like to share your feedback on a module (add-on) that you use in your store.  Tell us the pluses and minuses, and please be objective.   Remember to include your name, your website URL (required), and the name of the module.

  • softwarereview@MivaHeLp.com
    Send us your software reviews.  These can include anything that will help in creating/managing an online store. (e.g. spreadsheets, image editors, accounting software, etc.)

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