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Find the Issuing Bank of a Credit Card
By Mandeep Janda, at http://www.jandaman.com - Copyright 2003
The following information was posted by Mandeep Janda on the Miva Merchant Users List.  It will help you identify the issuing bank for any given credit card number and provide you with contact information to verify the authenticity of the credit card holder's identity.  We have to hand it to him... this guy tracked down some seriously useful information.
  • Find the issuing bank's phone number https://www.paymentech.com/banklookup/BankLookup.asp
  • VISA Merchant Verification Service -- 800-847-2750 -- AUTOMATED

    Option 1, Address Verification: enter in the numeric portion of the street address and zip code and credit card number and it will tell you if there is a match.

    Option 2, Issuing Bank Phone Numbers: enter the credit card number and it will provide you with the 800# for Issuing bank, and you can call and verify the name on the account.

  • VISA INTERNATIONAL Address Verification -- 800-228-1122
  • Master Card Assist -- 800-622-7747
    Provides you with phone number for bin range, Press 2 if you are a merchant. Press 1 for English, (then) Press 2 for a merchant

  • Discover Address Verification - 800-347-7988 -- AUTOMATED
    (You will need your Merchant Number). It only verifies a card member's address. It does not provide any other information.
  • American Express Address Verifications -- 800-528-2121
    Option 3 allows you to verify name and address.

Is the shipping address the same as the billing address? If yes, I would probably go ahead with the order unless it's extremely way above normal.   If it's being shipped elsewhere, be very careful.  Did the client ask for the drivers license or did the customer just send it?

Cross reference the name/phone number/address at www.melissadata.com and www.anywho.com


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