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E-commerce for the rest of us. 

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Ready, Set, Go! Getting it Done
Getting it Done
Now that you have decided to proceed with your online business, and armed with your research and business plan, you will find below tips, articles, and ideas as to how to get your business online. 
Incorporating & Getting a Business License
In order to legally operate a business you will need to be a recognized entity in your state, have a federal tax ID, a local tax ID, and a business license.   You will need to start with your legal business status.  While you can run your business as a sole proprietor or a partnership, there are benefits to incorporating that makes it worth a bit of extra effort.  more...

Trademark Overview
Trademarks not only give distinction to your products and services, but also protect you from others claiming that you are infringing on their trademark. They are particularly important in retail as they communicate that you take your business seriously and give customers additional confidence in your business's legitimacy.  more...

Getting Your Domain Name
This is one of the most under-estimated steps in creating an online business. While a good domain name is not a guarantee for success, it raises the odds and makes online branding easier and more productive.  Although our focus here is domain names, the same criteria apply to your business name.  In fact, the domain name is the online projection of your business.  more...

Selecting a Domain Registrar
In 1998 Network Solutions lost its government sanctioned monopoly as the sole registrar of domain names.  While it continues to manage the root registry there are a multitude of registrars out there.  more...

Hosting - Selecting The Right IHP
Since there are many Internet Hosting Providers (IHP) out there, all competing for your business, you need to evaluate their offerings and choose the one that best matches YOUR needs.  The IHP that is suitable for one person may not necessarily be good for another.  more...

Selecting a Shopping Cart
There are numerous shopping cart systems on the market today.  Each cart has its own features but the basic features are the same.  Such basic features include the ability to have a catalog of products, to keep a running basket for the customer, and to capture his payment information as he checks-out securely.  more...

Merchant Accounts
Before you can accept credit cards, which is about the only reasonable way to conduct e-commerce, you must have a merchant account.  Merchant accounts give you the power to charge people's credit cards so each company will have its own requirements before it will "grant" you an account.  more...


Quick Tips

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