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By Sabra Lutz, Technology Matrix Group - Copyright 2001
At this point you are done creating your category, but there are a few more important points related to this subject including "Product Layout", and assigning products to categories.

Step 1

To edit the category information login to admin, expand your store, expand "Categories, and click on the hyperlink for the category you wish to edit.  The following category options will appear in the right frame.

You will notice that most of the settings are the same ones that you used to configure the category as you were creating it.  However, there are two additional tabs at the top; "Product Layout" and "Products". 

Step 2

The "Products" tab will allow you to assign products to the category.  In order to assign a product to multiple categories you will need to go to the categories that you wish to assign the product to and click on the "Products" tab.  This will be the screen that comes up:

If you have products already created, they should all come up automatically (in increments of 10 records per page) when you open this screen.  You can specify which products are displayed by using the "Unassigned" and "Assigned" buttons (located on the same bar as the "Search" box).  These will allow you to only view products that have not yet been assigned, or only products that are currently assigned to the category. 

If you change the value "10" in the lower right corner of the screen to any other value (let's say 50) before you click on the "Search" button (or the "Assigned", "Unassigned", "All", or "Refresh" buttons) you will get up to 50 relevant records.  You can request an even higher number of returns, but bear in mind that the more records you call up at one time, the more bandwidth you will need.  So make sure to keep the speed of your internet connection in mind when increasing the number of records.

If you are looking for a specific product(s) to assign/unassign use the search box to find it.  You can also type a keyword in the search box and click on the "Assigned" button instead of the "Search" button (binoculars).  This will run a search for the keyword within assigned products.  Alternatively, you can click on the "Unassigned" tab and search for the keyword amongst all unassigned products.  

We will not discuss the function of all the buttons on the screen (for a complete list of buttons and their functions check our Button Guide), but we would like to point out two that may be of help to you at this time: 
assign_all.gif (267 bytes) Assign "All"  products on the screen
unassign_all.gif (262 bytes) Unassign "All" products on the screen

These are very useful if you have run a specific product search and have come up with a list of products that should all be assigned to your category.  They can also be useful if you have a category that changes frequently and needs to have all products unassigned at the same time (such as a weekly specials section). 

Be VERY careful!!! These buttons "select" all or "de-select" all products on the screen, but what function they perform depends on the word that appears above them!  Sometimes that word is "Remove" and you will delete all your products if you're not careful.   Miva Merchant DOES NOT alert you before it deletes!!!

You can cut down on the time it takes you to assign products to a category by combining the following three steps:

  • Increase the number of records returned.
  • Run a search and click on the "Unassigned" button.
  • Click on the "Assign All" button.
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