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Step by Step
         Editing Your MMUI.mv File
By Cynthia Yates, DealerDealer.com- Copyright 2001
Before following the steps below, read "Modifying MMUI".

If you already use Internet Explorer (IE) as your normal browser, you can use its FTP capabilities to access your site. And once you've FTP'd to your site, you will be very comfortable looking around because your site will display in the IE browser just like the files on your hard drive display in Microsoft's Windows Explorer. This also saves you the trouble of using or learning another FTP software program to manage the files on your website.


OPEN Internet Explorer and type: ftp://YOURSITE.com

You will then be asked for your username and password. Type the username and password that you were given by your webhosting company.  Once in your site you might have to look around a little, but the MMUI.mv file can often be found in the Merchant2/modules/ui folder.  BOOKMARK this page by adding it to your FAVORITES folder for the next time you want to get to your MMUI.mv file.

exclaim.gif (988 bytes) Some ISPs may not allow your browser to FTP, in this case you will need to use an FTP program such as WS_FTP or cute FTP.


RIGHT-CLICK on your MMUI.mv file and a dropdown box will open.   Select "COPY TO FOLDER" and another dialog box will open allowing you to copy the file to any location you choose on your hard drive.  You might as well open your Windows Explorer now and rename the file to "MMUIoriginal.mv".   RIGHT-CLICK on the file and select RENAME.  Also save or copy the file to another location, such as a diskette, zip, or external hard drive. 


OPEN the file you have now named "MMUIoriginal.mv" in any text editor.  Text editors work just fine for simple modifications, but if you're going to be doing extensive modifications than PFE (Programmer's File Editor) may be just the thing for you.  Click here for a link to the free download.


Now that your file is opened, SAVE it as MMUI.mv.


Make your changes and FTP this modified MMUI.mv file to your website (see below).




OPEN MS Windows Explorer, locate your modified MMUI.mv file, RIGHT-CLICK on the file and select COPY.


FTP to your website. [Hopefully, you've bookmarked the page and can get there from your FAVORITES folder.]


RIGHT-CLICK anywhere inside your IE browser window and select PASTE.

Your modified MMUI.mv file will now upload to your website. You will be asked if you want to overwrite the MMUI.mv that is currently there.  Answer YES. 

Once you have completed the transfer, HTTP to your website [http://YOURSITE.com] and make sure the changes are correct.  If not, be prepared to restore the original MMUI.mv file to your website.  Don't forget to rename it from "MMUIoriginal.mv" to "MMUI.mv" before uploading.


Quick Tips

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