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Step by Step
         Removing the Weight Display from Products
By Cynthia Yates, DealerDealer.com- Copyright 2001
Before following the steps below, read "Modifying MMUI".

Many Miva Merchant users have asked how to remove the SHIPPING WEIGHT from the display screens.  The following is based on Miva Merchant 3.x. 

You can use either HTML comment tags (<!-- and -->) or Miva comment tags ( <MvCOMMENT></MvCOMMENT>).  Both will work equally well and we have shown examples of each below.


Read Editing Your MMUI.mv File and follow the steps to locate and download the correct file.


OPEN your MMUI.mv file in a text editor or PFE (click here for the free download).


Do a find on the words "Shipping Weight" to locate the following statement:

<MvLOCALIZED-TEXT LANGUAGE = "en-US">Shipping Weight: <B>%product_weight%</B> %weight_units%</MvLOCALIZED-TEXT>

<MvLOCALIZED-TEXT LANGUAGE = "de-DE">Versandgewicht: <B>%product_weight%</B> %weight_units%</MvLOCALIZED-TEXT>


Place comment tags around the entire statement. [HTML tags are used here but Miva tags work just as well.]

<!--<MvLOCALIZED-TEXT LANGUAGE = "en-US">Shipping Weight: <B>%product_weight%</B> %weight_units%</MvLOCALIZED-TEXT>

<MvLOCALIZED-TEXT LANGUAGE = "de-DE">Versandgewicht: <B>%product_weight%</B> %weight_units%</MvLOCALIZED-TEXT>-->


In the Miva Merchant product UPSELL function, you will find another instance of Shipping Weight.  Notice the comment tags placed around this instance of "Shipping Weight".


Code: <B>%product_code%</B><BR>

Regular Price: <B>%regular_price%</B><BR>

Special Price: <B>%special_price%</B><BR>

You Save: <B>%savings%</B><!--<BR>

Shipping Weight: <B>%product_weight%</B> %weight_units%<BR>-->


Below the Miva code in STEP 5, you will see the German version of this code. Consistency counts, so place comment tags around the German version of Shipping Weight. [Miva tags are used in the example below but again, HTML tags work as well.]

<MvCOMMENT> Versandgewicht: <B>%product_weight%</B> %weight_units%<BR></MvCOMMENT>


FTP the modified MMUI.mv file to your site.

Once you have completed the transfer, HTTP to your website [http://YOURSITE.com] and make sure the changes are correct.  If not, be prepared to restore the original MMUI.mv file to your website.  Don't forget to rename it from "MMUIoriginal.mv" to "MMUI.mv" before uploading.


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