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Step by Step
         Order Fulfillment Configuration
By Ahmed Saad, Technology Matrix Group - Copyright 2001
In this part of the shopping cart you can configure the automatic e-mail notification that comes to you (or your sales dept.) when an order is placed.  It also allows you to configure the e-mail confirmation that the customer receives.

Step 1

Login to your store through admin and click on the "Order Fulfillment Configuration" hyperlink.  A screen will come up in the right frame that has two checkbox options: "Email Merchant Notification" and "Customer Order Confirmation Email".  Select both options and click "Update".

Step 2

After you click update, two tabs will appear.   One for "Customer Order Confirmation Email", and another for "Email Merchant Notification". 

When you click on "Customer Order Confirmation Email" the following screen will come up:

In the "From:" box you will see the e-mail address you entered when you first setup your store.  You can keep it or change it to another e-mail address.  Many businesses use a general sales department mailbox like sales@YourSite.com.  We highly recommend that you include a carbon copy of the e-mail back to yourself.  While this is optional, it is extremely useful since there are times when the merchant notification may fail to notify you when an order has been placed.  While this is extremely uncommon, it may happen and is obviously  a bad thing which could cause you to miss orders.  You can have a copy of the e-mail sent to multiple recipients by including their e-mail addresses separated by a comma or semi-colon.

In the subject, you can put anything you like.   Make the subject something that the customer will identify so the order confirmation won't be trashed with all the spam.  We use "Your Gift Box Order" as the title for orders placed on our site. 

The header of the e-mail confirmation is very important as most customers will read it, so make sure that you communicate the most important thing about the order; e.g. return policy, customer service number...etc.   Below is a sample header.  You can customize it to fit your needs.

  Thank you for your order.  Please print this e-mail receipt and keep it for your records.   Please review the following information and report any discrepancy immediately. Make sure your order number is included in all correspondence related to this order. Thank you again!

Step 3

Now click on "Email Merchant Notification".  This screen will configure the e-mail you (the business owner) will recieve when an order has been placed.

You can choose to keep the "From:" field of the e-mail as the default customer's email address, or you can change it to something like sales@YourSite.com.  We keep it as the default since it is more convenient later to hit reply from your e-mail program if you want communicate with the customer instead of having to type in the customer's e-mail.  If your hosting company did not setup your e-mail server properly, you may see an error at the final invoice screen as you shop and checkout that will say something like: "MvSMTP: Runtime Error:...".  Make sure that your hosting company has setup your SMTP server properly AND that you have configured your mail server in the settings.

Since this is your notification for orders placed, you can configure the "To:" and the "CC:" fields to go to the place where the order fulfillment will occur.  It may be your sales department, your warehouse, or your drop shipper.  Again the subject is whatever will communicate to you that this is an order so it won't end up in the trash folder.  You can change the default message header to whatever you want or even remove it totally.


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