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Step by Step
         Creating Upsale Products
By Ahmed Saad, Technology Matrix Group - Copyright 2001
You can add as many upsold items in your store as you like.   Think of the upsale feature as the magazines and candy that are offered in supermarket checkout lanes; they are a way to generate impulse buys. You should put some thought in what to offer, how much to discount it, and what required products must be purchased before they will be offered an upsale item.  For details and tips on upsale click here.

  Step 1

Login to admin and expand your store, then expand the "Upsale" link by clicking on the blue arrow.  Click on "Add upsold Product" and the right frame will show a screen like the one below. 

  Step 2

If you know the code for the product you can enter it directly, or click on the "lookup" button to select a product.  Enter an amount for the threshold percentage of the order.  This allows you to require a dollar amount you want people to spend before they get the upsold item for the sale price you are offering.  This can be a bit tricky and it bases the calculation on the sale price and not the original retail price.  To read more detail on that and to see a formula help you with your calculation click here.  

You can price your item any price you want by clicking on the radio button next to "Absolute Price" and entering the amount in the box next to it.  You can also have it as a percent of the original price, e.g. 50%.  Keeping it Zero will give the item for free but you need to know that the threshold percent is based on that "zero" and will therefore offer it to any customer checking out with any product (again for details on that click here).

After you price your item click add and the item will be added and a new tab called "Required Products" will appear.

  Step 3

Click on the "Required Products" and select from the list of products available in your store.  You can choose not to select any products and the item will upsell against all products in the store.

You cannot upsell an item by requiring itself, since Merchant naturally does not call a product to be upsold if it is already in the basket.   If you are someone who likes to experiment anyway and decide to add the product to the list of required product Merchant will remind you that it cannot do that for you.

  Step 4

Now click back on the "Upsale" link in the left frame, you will get back to the list of products that are setup under the upsale.  You can remove the ones you no longer want to offer, or click on the editing buttons to edit the criteria for that upsold item. 

  Step 5

Next, click on the "Settings" option and choose the number of upsale products that you want the cart to show to your customers.  As long as the criteria matches the total and the required products specified, you can set the cart to offer as many upsale products as you want.  In the next box you can specify how many upsale products your customer can add to his cart. 

You can have the customer see 5 items for example but must choose only one, or you can have him see 5 items and be able to pick them all up on the way out.  In the example above we left the settings as the default, one product to show and, naturally, one to be able to add to the cart.

For more information about Upsale click here.


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